Friday, February 11, 2011

Male Superiority?

Doesn't man have superiority over women? What should we think of the Muslim approach? 

"Because men and women are equal (by creation and in Christ), there can be no question of the inferiority of either to the other.  But because they are complementary, there can be no question of the identity of one with the other.  Further, this double truth throws light on male-female relationships and roles.  Because they have been created by God with equal dignity, men and women must respect, love, serve, and not despise one another.  Because they have been created complementary to each other, men and women must recognize their differences and not try to eliminate them or usurp one another's distinctives."

*From "Issues Facing Christians Today" (revised and enlarged edn. London: Collins/Marshall Pickering, 1990), p. 263.
Excerpted from "Authentic Christianity", p. 145, IVP. Thanks John Stott. 

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