Sunday, July 31, 2011

Impelled Prayer with God

Let a man define to his own mind an object of prayer, and then let him be moved by desires for that object which impel him to pray, because he cannot otherwise satisfy the irrepressible longings of his soul; let him have such desires as shall lead him to search out and dwell upon, and treasure in his heart, and return to again, and appropriate to himself anew, the encouragements to prayer, till his Bible opens of itself at the right places - and think you that such a man will have occasion to go to his closet, or come from it, with the sickly cry, "Why, oh! why is my intercourse with God so irksome to me?". Such a man must experience, at least, the joy of uttering hopefully emotions which become painful by repression.

Austin Phelps, "The Still Hour: Communion with God", 1859 (Pennsylvania: Banner of Truth Trust, reprint 1974): 38. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Widji 5 Weeks In

This week we have a lot of kids up - about 65 from Toronto area. I was cabin leading last week for 9 guys. They were pretty stellar. We went tree-tipping, slept under the stars, & even did some dream screams on the girls. Here is my roommate Zack & I. Can you tell us apart?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Widjiitiwin: 4 Weeks In

I did not plan for camp. I think I should have worked out more before coming here. It is quite crazy here. I am glad I studied Galatians before coming up. But Justine & I are actually cabin-leading this week. I have eight 11-13 year olds. They are hyper and crazy. We've had them run-laps for discipline. But its great getting to play games with them, share stories, and talk about the Bible. I'm primarily getting to know the guy staff. They are a great bunch of guys. We had a guys Bible study together last night & prayed through Psalm 119. Such a blessing to have the Bible and men to read and talk about it with. We talked about the worthless things that we put before God and his Word (v37). Today was my day-off so I was in Huntsville for a bit renewing my license, played some guitar, and even joined in for wife-hugger wednesday. Here's my crib in the Dudes cabin for leadership-staff. I live with Bandit & Banks. Please pray for me & the staff & the campers - for us all to love Christ above the world, and then others more than ourselves.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where the Evidence Is

It is only the Lord who knows and recognizes his own people, and can tell the true from the spurious, for only he sees the heart. But though we cannot see the heart, we can see the life, which is the one reliable evidence of the heart's condition, and is apparent to all.

-Excerpted from "Authentic Christianity", p. 202, by permission of InterVarsity Press.

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Just and holy is thy name, 
I am all unrighteousness; 
False and full of sin I am; 
Thou art full of truth and grace." 
Charles Wesley 1740

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Life Biography in Two Volumes

I find it helpful to think in these terms. Our biography is written in two volumes. Volume one is the story of the old man, the old self, of me before my conversion. Volume two is the story of the new man, the new self, of me after I was made a new creation in Christ. Volume one of my biography ended with the judicial death of the old self. I was a sinner. I deserved to die. I did die. I received my deserts in my Substitute with whom I have become one. Volume two of my biography opened with my resurrection. My old life having finished, a new life to God has begun.

--Excerpted from "Authentic Christianity", p. 200, by permission of InterVarsity Press. Thanks John Stott.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What is the Gospel? By Gregg Gilbert

The essence of Christianity is the life, death, and resurrection account of the Lord Jesus Christ. Relativism, however, has brought the "gospel" to mean just about anything; existing now as a byword within the christianese lexicon. Enter Gregg Gilbert's little black book. A graduate from Yale and Southern and recently pastoring under Mark Dever, Gilbert brings orthodoxy back into the limelight.  He presents God's love in Christ for sinners against a backdrop of his wrath and judgement. The chapter Jesus Christ the Saviour reverently presents the substitutionary atonement from the Scriptures revealing the heartbeat of the Good News. Simplistic in style and clear in presentation, Gilbert removes the fog and presents Christ's evangel without dulling down its harder points. Read and then re-read this book. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ackbar Up North

Hey there y'all. I'm up north for the summer twenty minutes outside of huntsville at Camp Widjiitiwin . It's pretty stellar up here - mosquitos and hundred foot maple leaf trees. It's been great working here on staff and getting to connect with the guys staff. I'm developing camp feet here so there's a nice layer of dirt developing under my nailbeds. It's great working with staff who love Jesus Christ and want to see his gospel impact campers through teaching his Word, through positive relationships and creative interactions. Here's a snap of Banks, Mozi, Ackbar (yours truly) & 2am.