Monday, February 27, 2012

Iver Starting Over EP

Iver is coming back. All right! Their EP is due soon. Stoked.
If you haven't heard of them you can download their 4 song demo here.
Stauffer - this means you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking for a Bible College in Toronto?

Toronto Baptist Seminary & Bible College is doing their annual Open House on March 6-7th. The Open House is catered to prospective students who want to grow in their knowledge of the Triune God and to live in community with other Christian students on the same pursuit. Check it out. I'd recommend attending the Systematic Theology class with Professor Kirk Wellum - pretty stellar. As well, there is food - why wouldn't you come? 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Receive the Glory

Not to us, but to your name alone be all the glory, the glory, forever.
For your faithfulness and steadfast love, receive the glory.
The glory belongs to you.

All that we’ve accomplished you have done for us. 
And any fruit we harvest is a gift from your hand. 
We are only jars of clay that hold a priceless treasure, 
And we exist to bring you pleasure, O God. 

Only by your mercy can we come to you. 
Though we deserve your judgment, you have called us by name. 
So we glory in the cross of Christ that made us yours forever, 
That joined our lives together to sing.

"Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory,
for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!"
Ps 115:1

Sovereign Grace Music

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Egalitarians Beware

This is one of the best lectures I've heard on the topic of gender roles, this one is by Bruce Ware. The position of equal essence and equal function is disappointing. Yet, If you are decided I dare you to listen to this. Take a worth-while break. If you are against I'd like to hear your thoughts or rebuttal after you've listened to the lecture.
You can download it here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Evaluative Paper - Help

Found this great article outlining some tips for writing an Evaluative Paper.
If you're in Puritan and Evangelical Spirituality tomorrow, no thankyou will be necessary.
You can read the original here:

Writing a good evaluation essay is often necessary in college, but the techniques are the same for other purposes, too. For example, employers can require workers to express their opinion on a particular topic, or an engineer might be asked for an evaluation essay (or review) of an emerging technology. No matter if you're evaluating a movie, a book, an art piece or technology, writing a solid essay evaluating it is the best way to express your thoughts clearly.

1 - State clearly and simply the subject you're evaluating. You can do this in the title or as a heading of your essay.

2 - State your evaluation of the subject. Your opinion can be layered, but it should be stated as succinctly as possible.

3 - Use your evaluation essay to provide compelling evidence supporting your opinion by quoting references that uphold your viewpoint and using logical reasoning to show that your evaluation is correct.

4 - Write the opposing viewpoints to show that you're aware that there are different views and opinions on the subject you're evaluating. Use reasoning and quoted references to show how the opposing viewpoints are wrong or are at least not as on point as your evaluation.

5 - Add to your supporting evidence, giving the reader additional reasons for believing your evaluation is correct.

6 - End your essay by repeating the subject of the analysis, and follow this immediately by stating your opinion of the subject and that your paper supplies the proof that your evaluation is a good one.

Tips & Warnings
a - Select your references well. The more credible your quoted reference sources are, the more believable your evaluation will be.
b - Use proper grammar and punctuation.
c - Make sure your essay is written in the correct format, and aligns with your organization or school's policy on writing papers.
d - The more controversial your evaluation essay is, the more supporting evidence you'll need.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is Finished - Bifrost Arts

Lately, I've found myself whistling "It is Finished"by the Bifrost Arts.
Great tune, greater lyrics.

When God's own begotten Son
heav'd His final sigh;
everything was fully done, 
hearken to His cry

It is finished, finished!
What more could He ever do?

Nothing either great or small, 
nothing can you claim;
Jesus died and paid it all;
only plead His name.

It is finished, finished!
What more could we ever do?

Lay your deadly 'doing' down, 
down at Jesus' feet;
Him and Him alone,
gloriously complete. 

It is finished, finished!
What more could we ever do?

There the robber! There the thief!
Gathered around they stand,
reaping now that bless-ed promise
nailed in to His hands:

It is finished, finished!
What more could He ever do?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roots Poster-boys

This is my future father-in-law John and I before we took the girls out to the Distillery District in early december. And no, that's not overpacked goose down, we're just made like that. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

8 Bible Reading Tips by J. C. Ryle

I stumbled across these notable tips the other day on this site. I'm not sure who to hat-tip it to, but thanks to whoever showed me these. Hope they point you towards reading the great gift of God's spoken word.

1. Begin reading your Bible this very day. 
The way to do a thing — is to do it; and the way to read the Bible — is actually to read it! It is not merely meaning, or wishing, or resolving, or intending, or thinking about it — which will advance you one step. You must positively read. There is no royal road in this matter, any more than in the matter of prayer. If you cannot read yourself, you must persuade somebody else to read it to you. But one way or another, through eyes or ears — the words of Scripture must actually pass before your mind.

2. Read the Bible with an earnest desire to understand it
Do not think for a moment, that the great object is to turn over a certain quantity of printed paper, and that it matters nothing whether you understand it or not. Some ignorant people seem to imagine, that all is done if they advance so many chapters every day, though they may not have a notion what they are all about, and only know that they have pushed on their bookmark ahead so many pages. This is turning Bible reading into a mere ritual form. Settle it down in your mind as a general principle, that a Bible not understood — is a Bible that does no good! Say to yourself often as you read, “What is this all about?” Dig for the meaning like a man digging for gold.

3. Read the Bible with child-like faith and humility
Open your heart — as you open God’s book, and say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening!” Resolve to believe implicitly whatever you find there, however much it may run counter to your own desires and prejudices. Resolve to receive heartily every statement of truth — whether you like it or not. Beware of that miserable habit into which some readers of the Bible fall — they receive some doctrines because they like them; and they reject others because they are condemning to themselves, or to some relation, or friend. At this rate, the Bible is useless! Are we to be judges of what ought to be in God’s Word? Do we know better than God? Settle it down in your mind — that you will receive all and believe all, and that what you cannot understand — you will take on trust. Remember, when you pray — that you are speaking to God, and God hears you. But, remember, when you read Scripture — that God is speaking to you, and you are not to “dictate,” but to listen!

4. Read the Bible in a spirit of obedience and self-application
Sit down to the study of it with a daily determination that you will live by its rules, rest on its statements, and act on its commands. Consider, as you travel through every chapter, “How does this affect my thinking and daily conduct? What does this teach me?” It is poor work to read the Bible from mere curiosity, and for speculative purposes — in order to fill your head and store your mind with mere opinions; while you do not allow the book to influence your heart and life. That Bible is read best — which is practiced most!

5. Read the Bible daily. 
Make it a part of every day’s business to read and meditate on some portion of God’s Word. Private means of grace are just as needful every day for our souls — as food and clothing are for our bodies. Yesterday’s food will not feed the laborer today; and today’s food will not feed the laborer tomorrow. Do as the Israelites did in the wilderness. Gather your manna fresh every morning. Choose your own seasons and hours. Do not scramble over and hurry your reading. Give your Bible the best, and not the worst part of your time! But whatever plan you pursue, let it be a rule of your life to visit the throne of grace and God’s Word every day.

6. Read all of the Bible — and read it in an orderly way
I fear there are many parts of the Word which some people never read at all. This is to say at the least, a very presumptuous habit. “All Scripture is profitable.” [2 Timothy 3:16]. To this habit may be traced that lack of well-proportioned views of truth, which is so common in this day. Some people’s Bible-reading is a system of perpetual ‘dipping and picking’. They do not seem to have an idea of regularly going through the whole book.

7. Read the Bible fairly and honestly
Determine to take everything in its plain, obvious meaning — and regard all forced interpretations with great suspicion. As a general rule, whatever a verse of the Bible seems to mean — it does mean! Cecil’s rule is a very valuable one, “The right way of interpreting Scripture is to take it as we find it, without any attempt to force it into any particular theological system.”

8. Read the Bible with Christ continually in view. 
The grand primary object of all Scripture, is to testify of Jesus! Old Testament ceremonies are shadows of Christ. Old Testament judges are types of Christ. Old Testament prophecies are full of Christ’s sufferings, and of Christ’s glory yet to come. The first coming and the second; the Lord’s humiliation and His glorious kingdom; His cross and the crown shine forth everywhere in the Bible. Keep fast hold on this clue, if you would read the Bible aright!

I might easily add to these hints, if space permitted. Few and short as they are — you will find them most profitable when implemented.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joseph Stennett Hymn XXXIX

His Life the Model be of mine; 
His Word the Rule to guide my Ways; 
His Cross the Death of all my Crimes; 
His Love the Subject of my Praise.

A stanza from Hymn XXXIX in Hymns on the Lord Supper by Joseph Stennett