Sunday, February 12, 2012

Evaluative Paper - Help

Found this great article outlining some tips for writing an Evaluative Paper.
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Writing a good evaluation essay is often necessary in college, but the techniques are the same for other purposes, too. For example, employers can require workers to express their opinion on a particular topic, or an engineer might be asked for an evaluation essay (or review) of an emerging technology. No matter if you're evaluating a movie, a book, an art piece or technology, writing a solid essay evaluating it is the best way to express your thoughts clearly.

1 - State clearly and simply the subject you're evaluating. You can do this in the title or as a heading of your essay.

2 - State your evaluation of the subject. Your opinion can be layered, but it should be stated as succinctly as possible.

3 - Use your evaluation essay to provide compelling evidence supporting your opinion by quoting references that uphold your viewpoint and using logical reasoning to show that your evaluation is correct.

4 - Write the opposing viewpoints to show that you're aware that there are different views and opinions on the subject you're evaluating. Use reasoning and quoted references to show how the opposing viewpoints are wrong or are at least not as on point as your evaluation.

5 - Add to your supporting evidence, giving the reader additional reasons for believing your evaluation is correct.

6 - End your essay by repeating the subject of the analysis, and follow this immediately by stating your opinion of the subject and that your paper supplies the proof that your evaluation is a good one.

Tips & Warnings
a - Select your references well. The more credible your quoted reference sources are, the more believable your evaluation will be.
b - Use proper grammar and punctuation.
c - Make sure your essay is written in the correct format, and aligns with your organization or school's policy on writing papers.
d - The more controversial your evaluation essay is, the more supporting evidence you'll need.

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