Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting to know you...

I bet that my two friends/housemates, who out of pity for my self-consciousness seem to be browsing this blog, are pretty sick of hearing all about me. But I thought it would be nice to provide a glimpse into the "who I am" for their families back in Bellvegas, and the far west village of Edson. And for any of you web-surfers who seem to have fallen from their boards and lost copious amounts of blood from hitting their face off the coral, here's some info to read about me while you wait for the coast-guard to arrive [p.s. while you read push play for some music below...]:

I was born in Scarborough, Ontario in January 1990. I was two feet long and 8.5 lbs. (so says this newspaper). I grew up in Ajax, Ontario and attended Pickering Christian School. Yet, I met my best two friends in kindergarden - Daniel & Tyler. By grade 4 I moved to a suburb in North Oshawa called Brooklin. During this time I became hyperactive and acquired a fascination over donuts and milkshakes. I skateboarded a lot and listened to lots of punk-rock & Nirvana until about grade 10. By then Ty, Dan & I had started a band and we in about 2 years played a dozen shows around Durham Region. Half-way into grade 12, God changed my life and I came to trust Jesus Christ as my Saviour from sin, my God and my Lord. He really changed a whole lot in my life, and still has been to this day. Before grade 12 finished, I met Justine and we started dating. The band went on hiatus as Daniel went to California, Tyler went to St. Catherines and I went to University in London, Ontario.
By Christmas 2008 I knew that I should be getting some formal Bible education. I switched in January 2010 to Toronto Baptist Seminary, where I currently attend. While Justine was off in New Zealand going to Bible College there, I was hitting the books and living in the T-dot. I went back to my part time job working at the grocery store in Brooklin that summer and then returned to TBS in the fall. Justine started attending University downtown as well, which is totally awesome. And now it's reading week 2011 and you're basically up to speed. I'm working as a librarian part-time and a full-time student, going to a local church here in Toronto and just learning to delight in God and his salvation. He is a good God, and I'm glad I've been able to recount a bit of my life for you as he has dished it to me.


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