Saturday, January 7, 2012

TBS - Back in Action

Looks like school is about a week away. Lord-willing, this will be my last semester at TBS. It's been some great times here in the core of Tdot. Justine and I were just saying how we are going to miss walking everywhere in a matter of minutes from Allen Gardens. Studying the Bible formally, I would recommend to everyone before they pursue job/career/marriage. Even if its just for one year. I hope my kids will one day. I've made some great buddies here at school. Learning theology with the friends I've made here has broken down a lot of bogus bounderies socially, that I'm glad for. Learning that Christ needs to be first in all things really brings together a motley crew. Speaking of the crew...

Where art thou Stauffer?

Get your jet-pack on and get back here already!
Paul Brandt's had enough of you - get Ontario-bound, on the double!

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