Monday, January 9, 2012

The Exceptions aka the Barn Band

Tyler, me, and Daniel (Now)

Heres's the boys and I getting together. We went to hang out at Salem Haven (Ty's place) over the break. Ever since high school we'd come to Ty's place and hide out in his barn for hours on the weekend. The barn has over a dozen stalls that were used for keeping horses before Ty's folks bought the place. One of them got insulated (some-what) and had a door thrown on it and carpet put down. We got the pearl kit in there, tys bass, my guitar and a few disco lights. We'd be in there almost every weekend throughout high school. It was our getaway. Here's a little snip-bit of those days.

Ty, Dano, me (Then)

Have a Happy New Year,
Love on behalf of The Exceptions.
Coming soon to a Wild Wing near you. 

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