Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back at TBS

I'm back on Jarvis and Gerrard it seems for another semester of Bible College at TBS. Pretty stellar - I'm back with my housemates Adam & Benoit from last year and Stauffer is just 2 houses over - it's great to see old friends again. Great to reconnect and catch up on the summer and have some good laughs together. We have 3 new guys in our house pretty excited to get to know them. Here's my get-up for this year - ground zero for the majority of the coming year's blogging, devos, Greek hmwrk, reading, stranger watching in the park, prayer, meditation, talks with friends, and the occasional nap.
And no that's a man not a dog that was barking outside my window a few moments ago.
Good ol' Toronto - glad to be back.

Thanks to Stauffer last year, Coffee has become a significant component in my bloodstream. Over the summer I acquired a french press from Crappy-Tire - the press however, not so crappy.
Just ask Javex. Here's this morning's brew.

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