Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Your friend who is as your own soul..."

This statement comes right out of Deuteronomy 13:6.

In context the LORD speaks to Moses stating the severity of idolatry, that is serving other gods. And that if anyone in Israel entices a person to leave YHWH and serve idols they must stone him. It didn't matter who it was, even if they are best friends, that person and their gods should never be put above the Everlasting God.
In that community of Israel all the people had just been delivered from Egypt, out of slavery. To say that God had not brought the plagues and spared Israel, that he had not split the waters of the Red Sea, that he had not sustained them with manna to eat, would be to deny everything that God had done, depriving him of his praise and honour.

But the quote here of who a friend is to a man is startling.
As your own soul...

A friendship this close doesn't come by everyday. It isn't made overnight. It May not come early in life, it may not come in marriage, it may not come until old age.
Disheartening as it may be, does such a friendship in this life with another human ever occur?
There is one friendship that of Jesus Christ which is exceedingly great. This friendship comes through the repentance and faith in his sacrifice.

But how about in Christian circles? How about between one Christian and another?
How often do friendships get so deep that we would call another person - as our own soul?
I hope I can grow in one this far.
But from what I am learning, it will cost me - time.
For the seed of friendship to blossom,
the watering must be done with gallons of time. 

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