Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming home...

I'm somewhat of a softy.
I like to watch the homecoming videos of the soldiers to their families. A lot of them haven't been commissioned for 3-4 months, moreso it's 6 months-2 years. I can't help but put myself in those family members shoes and think about what it must be like. To finally hold your dad after all that time. To finally see your wife or kids after all that time. The reconciliation is breath-taking.
There's a great parallel here to the Christian life. For those who believe and have given themselves to Jesus, our Lord is awaiting our arrival. Likewise we are ecstatic at the thought of being in his presence. We get a taste of that now by the Holy Spirit's comfort. But on that day when God will say "well done my good and faithful servant", our joy will be complete as we will sin no more. I am stoked to be embraced by my Saviour, my God, my Lord.
Justine and I have talked about this several times, its something worth discussing. This life has a start and a finish, pondering the finish line I believe gives us encouragement to continue.
It makes death look so bright when Christ is awaiting on the other side with open arms.

Here's a great one I've definitely watched a few times...

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