Saturday, April 14, 2012

Books, Beale, and Biblical Theology: An Interview

Really enjoyed this interview of Gregory Beale by Mark Dever of 9marks. Funny, informative, and encouraging. I listened to this while going for walks to pick up Justine from work. Dever and Beale go through 30+ books with a one line summary of each. Beale gives a little auto-bio and a summary of his of his own works. Here are most of the books he is asked to comment on:

Geerhard Vos - Pauline's Theology
Vos - Biblical Theology (primarily on OT, Rev is a organically developing)
Ed Clowney - Preaching Bib Theo
Carson & Moo - Intro to NT
Ladd - Theology of the NT (alright)
> the presence of the future
Rittervos Paul - Outline of his Theology
Kaiser - Promise Plan of God (a slice of bib theo)
Guthrie - NT Theology (theme based - similar to Ladd - not the best)
Vos - Typos! (survey of NT - not that hard)
NT Theology - Schreiner & Theilman nice
NT Wright great - Climax of the Covenant, NT ppl of God, Resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus & the Victory of God
Salhammer - Intro to OT Theology (a bit idiosyncratic; disagrees with his view on Moses)
Ray Ortland - God's Unfaithful Wife
Sydney Preidanus - Preaching Christ from the OT, Ancient Texts and the Modern
Theilman - Law & the NT
According to Plan - Goldsworthy
Scobie - the ways of our God
Chris Wright - Mission of God
Dennis Johnson - Him we Proclaim
Waltke - OT Theology (BIG - good for cherry picking)
Kostenberger - NT INTRO - cradle, cross, crown

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