Sunday, December 4, 2011

Qal Imperfect Strong Verb Paradigm Hebrew Song

Getting ready for tomorrow.
Have a laugh before you cry.

Sing along to the Qal Imperfect Strong Verb Paradigm Song!
Paired into two sets of seven syllables starting with Ye
(that makes 15 syllables - "that's all I have to learn?" - "basically!"*)

T, T, T, I, E, Ye, U
T, Na, T, U, T, Na, Ni

In Basics of Biblical Hebrew by Pratico and Van Pelt you can find the Qal Imperfect Paradigm on p167. 
For the song I am stating the preformative and sufformatives of each verb as they appear in order. 
I didn't add in a (mmm) for the blank sufformatives (3ms,3fs, 1cs, 1cp) - you should just know these - come on now. 
Notice the root is (left to right) Qof, Tet, Lamed > these appear in each verb occurrence for "to kill". 
Whatever the verb remember your sufformative is at the ending "suffix" (left side of the word), and the preformative is at the beginning "prefix" (right side of the word). Ten forms - 15 syllables - you can do it!

2fs:T, I
3mp:Ye, U
3fp:T, Na
2mp:T, U
2fp:T, Na

Remember to talk with our Lord for strength 
throughout your times of study. 

*By basically I mean - "not really"
> you need to know how to write them and moreso recognize them. 
But this will at least get it into your head.

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