Saturday, December 31, 2011

Forgiveness: What It Ain't and What It Is

Be kind to one another,
forgiving one another
as God in Christ 
forgave you. 
Ephesians 4:32

Contrary to the Myths:
1 - Forgiving is not forgetting.
2 - Forgiving does not mean you no longer feel the pain of their offense.
3 - Forgiving does not mean you cease longing for justice.
4 - Forgiving does not mean you make it easy for the offender to hurt you again. 
5 - Forgiving an offense happens once but may occur more than once. 

1 - Forgiveness was granted to us by God, when Christ forgave us by absorbing in himself the destructive and painful consequences of our sin against him. In forgiving others to some degree there is going to be consequences that you have to absorb.
2 - Forgiveness cancels the debt we owe God, when it is forgiven in Christ. We no longer have to pay for our sins, we are accountable but no longer liable. When you forgive you don't bring it back up to increase guilt or shame. Drop the grudge, bitterness, and anger. The love which brought your forgiveness should stay in bloom. 
3 - Forgiveness from God means we resolve to revoke our revenge. That inclination to revenge you cast it off and act out of love. You won't use your past suffering to justify your present sin. 
4 - Forgiveness from God means we determine to do good to others
rather than evil.
5 - Forgiveness from God in Christ has reconciled us back to God. He restores the relationship that our sin shattered. We seek to be reconciled with others and so emulate God's forgiveness.

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