Friday, June 10, 2011

What Attracted You to Christianity?

"In a questionnaire submitted to members of All Souls
congregation I asked both: 'What first attracted you to
Christ and the gospel?' and 'What mainly or finally brought
you to Christ?' In their answers over half referred to
something they had seen for themselves in Christian people,
their parents, pastors, teachers, colleagues or friends.
As one put it, these 'had something in their lives which I
lacked but desperately longed for'. In several cases it
was 'their external joy and inward peace'. To a student
nurse it was 'the genuine and open friendship' offered by
Christians; to an Oxford undergraduate studying law their
'sheer exuberance'; to a police constable the 'clear aim,
purpose and idealism which Christian life offered' as seen
in Christians; to a secretary in the BBC 'the reality of
the warmth and inner resources which I observed in
Christians'; and to a house surgeon 'the knowledge of
Christ's working in another person's life'."

--From "Our Guilty Silence" (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1967), p. 71. Thanks for this observation JRW Stott

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