Friday, June 3, 2011

The Band...

Since my friend Ian Clary decided to post about his band I thought I should give you (all three of my blogosphere fans, and somebody from Germany!) a glimpse into my high-school past. Left to right: Your's Truly, Daniel Sylvester, & Tyler VanHalteren (both of which are single...ladies). We spent most of our highschool lives jamming out in Ty's barn in Claremont and staying up late watching thriller movies. We were called the Exceptions. We played about 12 shows in 2 years. It were pretty hype.  If you're wondering how I got to know Justine, she was our biggest fan... some say she still has our first show on VHS somewhere...


  1. best band i have ever heard in my life. rip, wish the party didnt end

    -anonymous fan

  2. hey anonymous fan - is your name Daniel? hahaha

  3. hey - I guess we should try and get a picture where you can see our drummer - hahaha