Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ask not...

My fellow Christians:
Ask not how your church can serve you, but how can you serve your church? 

Playing off of JFK's inaugural speech, it seems those who aren't serving must be thinking "Jesus served me, he died for me. Shouldn't everyone else in the church should do likewise?" Wrongo - it is the whole body working together - that means preachers and chair movers, that means evangelist and greeter, that means worship leader and cook. But are you just paying your offering as your only act of service? Are you just attending meetings as a wallflower? Some would even say - I don't have a gift. The Apostle Paul actually disagrees with you and, moreso, God disagrees with you.

Two weeks ago, I was at Grace Community Church - not a jumbo church by USA standards, but pretty close; about 8,000 members. Now they hold an annual conference specifically for men, so Tyler, Dan, Dilly and I were able to attend. And during the seminar and session breaks everyone piled into the outdoor walkways & parking lot where we were given meals and snacks; and directions for us Canadians. Some people actually took the week off work to come volunteer. It was ballparked that around 700 members were volunteering throughout that week for us four guys and the other 3300 guests. Every volunteer I talked to, as I got a churro or breakfast donut, happen to be a member of the church. And you wouldn't believe it, I saw 5 helpers there who are constrained to electric wheel chairs! People who can't move their own limbs, are still participating by giving directions and general help. 

That really impacted me. I've got all four working tip top shape - and what am I doing?
So service may be menial, it may be repetitive, it may even be agonizing or a messy one (i.e. nursery!) but when we serve we should be humbled. We should be thankful to serve, and we should be doing it. See a need? fill it! Don't see one? ask your pastor or elder - they'll be glad you asked! Likely, there will be a place and you will be able to start helping out. Join an evangelical church in your area and serve God by serving others. 

Finally, wherever you are, citizens of Christ and his church, commit yourself to the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which Christ has asked of us all. And with a good conscience our only sure reward with history as the final judge of our deeds let us go forth to lead the church we love asking his blessing and his help but knowing here on earth God's work must truly be our own.

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