Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 Lines Seminary Teaches

If you're around these parts for a couple years there are some lines you just can't shake. Here are ten lines that have impacted me and I thank seminary (TBS) for teaching me when it comes to God, the Bible, and biblical spirituality.

1 - Scripture interprets Scripture
2 - Context, Context, Contex
3 - Pray until you pray
4 - The case of a relative pronoun is determined by its function in the relative clause (Greek)
5 - Scripture is Christocentric
6 - If you won't read, you won't lead
7 - Word studies = bad; Biblical themes = good
8 - Study 10 hours over your books on your knees
9 - A text without a context is a pretext for a prooftext
10 - If you can't pray now, when will you?

"One of the best preparations for death
is a thorough knowledge of the Greek grammar"
> Warfield > Hodge > Lindsay (Trials of Theology p57; ed. Brian Rosner).

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