Friday, May 27, 2011

Best 2 Hour Date I've Had Yet

Almost two weeks ago Justine and I got to take a date through Mississauga, not Hamilton,  here in the g-shoe (that's Southern Ontarion for golden horseshoe). It was a pleasant 21.1 km stroll through the rainy mainroads to millionaire's row and finishing off by the lakeshore path. Justine has run a full before, this is my second half. Here are some action shots from May 15, 2011. We had a whole gang of us running: Matt, Jordan, Janine, Jessie, Sheryl, and the favourite Wilson - Katie.

I had a great time running to a few sermons and rocking out to the Mr. B's favourite Audible Sigh by Bill Mallonee & Hymns (III) by Page CXVI. Looking forward to the next one.  I was not really much of a runner before I started training for the first half with my dad. The first 5-6 runs really were hard, but once I learned my pace it became quite enjoyable. A great way to stay fit and healthy - combined with some celebratory pizza and chicken wings, you can't go wrong.

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