Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wisdom Has No Age...

Concise and dense, this little book is practical in wisdom, biblical in focus, and Christ-honouring in content. Thoughts for Young Men has been reissued several times since its 19th century release by the right-rev John Charles Ryle. He brings to light many easy sayings that run deep in spirituality. He begins by assessing the nature of young men in their aptness to be lukewarm, even denying God. Following he sends a warning on the dangers that young men are prone to be naively ensnared by. Ryle gives fundamental Christian helps and attitudes for men that if taken root now, fruit should bloom in perseverance. Specifically, resolves to break off sin, no matter how small. Heartily embraced is his section on prayer, Ryle states: "No matter who you are if you are without prayer you are "but dead in the sight of God". This book's weighty statements bring a refining tool to any man.
Worth a read again. 

Thoughts For Young Men: From Many Points of View by John Charles Ryle - 1886.

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